CT Mind Training – Unlock your brain’s full potential through Neurofeedback trainingnot medication.


ADHD, depression, anxiety…the list of maladies is long…but effective help is available that is fast, fun, and can teach the brain to regulate itself, without drugs.

We are an innovative clinic that helps people to maximize their brain function with drug-free therapies. Our clients range from young children challenged with ADHD, to people of all ages confronting Anxiety, Depression, or Aspergers, to older adults dealing with Memory Problems including the Cognitive Effects of Aging. In addition, we serve athletes, executives, and musicians, who want to improve their already impressive skills, so that they can truly reach their ultimate “Peak Performance“.

We use cutting edge neurofeedback brain training technology, originally developed by NASA and now used worldwide in innovative clinics. We are the exclusive provider of this technology in Eastern Connecticut. Our brain training programs are custom tailored to each client’s needs, and begin with an appropriate level of assessment, and discussion of the client’s primary goals and challenges.

These services are offered through the Fenton River Center, located just 1-mile from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, which has been pioneering innovative psychotherapeutic and counseling services in Eastern Connecticut for over 30-years.

Learn more by clicking one of the tabs above or, to see how we can help you, contact us now for a FREE consultation: 860-429-7945 / contact@ctmindtraining.com
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